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About me

Hi, Warm greetings for all of you
Introducing, I’m Ruli retno, a personal blogger from Indonesia, Where this blog is a continuation of my blog Ruliretno.com and all about my thought that written in English version literally.

This blog will talk about a recent popular topic, family of course because I’m a mom and also urban lifestyle. I have a small family that also loves travelling and culinary, as a woman I also love to write about beauty and fashion, so maybe you can find some thought about that in here. And I am a muslimah wearing hijab, so sometimes i also write about islamic themes.

This blog accepts writing/review collaboration, whether in the form of reviews of travelling or culinary locations, hotels, tourist attractions, products review or other points of interest. Also content placement or backlinks. As a note of my commitment as a Muslim and wearing a hijab, I do not accept collaboration on adult content, topics around finance and banking, and anything that is not following social norms and religious norms in Indonesia.
Whatever cooperation I do, I always try to write honestly and as is. So despite the collaboration content, readers can still get honest opinions from me.

Suggestions, criticisms, and cooperation please contact me directly via email Ruliretno@gmail.com or my social media, namely Instagram or Facebook or Twitter.